Natural Herbal Teas

If you’ve ever been sick with the flu or common cold, chances are you’ve been persuaded to drink tea to help you feel better. That’s because tea has many healing properties that are used to treat illnesses. At AlkaHerbs, we have one of the largest online selections of natural herbal teas that will transform your body back to health.

Our healing herbal teas are influenced by the practices of Dr. Sebi, an educated herbalist who believed in the health benefits of alkaline foods and herbs. It was with this form of pseudoscience that the alkaline diet grew in popularity.

Kalawalla Tea

Kalawalla tea protects your skin from the sun, reduces inflammation, and relieves harsh skin symptoms like flakiness, redness, and itchiness.

Hierba Del Sapo Tea

Hierba Del Sapo has been believed to treat high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, and various internal diseases.

Shop our Kalawalla tea, Hierba Del Sapo tea, and many more of our natural herbal teas below.