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The best possible detox - Dr. Sebi
Sebian Basics
Address all 102 minerals, Blood, Immune System and Iron Levels.
Boost you testosterone and enhance your performance!
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Limes Fresh
Organic, Non-GMO, Use to Alkaline your Spring Water!

Alkaline Mixtures

Choose any of our Sebian Mixtures for maximum potency when addressing your needs.

Alkaline Teas

Choose any of our fresh, dried, wild crafted/organic alkaline herbs for all your Dr. Sebi approved teas.

Alkaline Capsules

Choose from the largest selection of alkaline pre filled or custom filled capsules.

Product of the Week

Sebian Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus)
Categories: Tea, Capsules, Food

Unprocessed, wild crafted and in its natural state. From the ocean, under the sun, to you. Our Golden Sea Moss is from the shores of Honduras. This is the what Dr. Sebi himself would have given you. Just like all herbs, all Sea Moss is not created equally. This Golden Sea Moss is at its maximum potency for all your therapeutic needs. Has the highest concentration of Calcium on the planet.

$17.00 – $90.00

Alkaline Healing Herbs

Welcome to AlkaHerbs LLC!

We specialize in sourcing alkaline healing herbs from natural origins around the world.

For centuries, humans have experienced the healing power of herbs. In fact, there is written evidence that natural herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years; further, based on archaeological studies, it’s believed that herbal remedies have been used for the power of healing for over 60,000 years. At AlkaHerbs, we have experienced firsthand how natural healing herbs can improve quality of life and want to share that with you.

Our product offerings are influenced by Honduran herbalist Dr. Sebi’s healing herbs, which are believed to treat various infections and illnesses. Browse our website to find the herbal solution your body deserves and place an online order to experience the benefits of alkaline healing herbs for yourself.