What Is the Alkaline Diet and Is It Right for You?

What we put in our bodies matters. Everything we consume can alter and influence our body’s essential systems, our mental health, and our daily lifestyle. Some items we consume can enhance our bodies, while others have more adverse effects. As the vessels we live in, our bodies should remain safe and strong. We can help our bodies become just that by consuming thoughtfully, and an alkaline diet is one of the many ways to monitor and manage what you introduce into your system.

For cars, certain fuels work better for different models and engines. Most large pickup trucks run on diesel because this thicker and denser fuel source has better compression resistance, making it the best energy fuel for vehicles that need and create a lot of torque. Likewise, specific diets, like the alkaline diet, can provide the optimal food source and benefit certain people more than others. If you are looking to improve different aspects of your life by changing what you consume, explore the alkaline diet in this guide to discover what it is and if it is right for you.

The Basics of an Alkaline Diet

Everybody wants to live in harmony. Alkaline diets strive for the perfect balance that returns your body to its natural state of harmony and achieves maximum health. What’s the secret to reaching such goals? Alkalinity.

As the name suggests, the alkaline diet consists of eating alkaline foods to balance the body’s acidity and return to a neutral state. Most foods in the alkaline diet are plant-based with added restrictions that follow a specific guide for alkaline-approved herbs, spices, fruits, veggies, and grains. The alkaline diet does not simply include all alkaline-rich foods; it includes only specific alkaline-based items.

Understanding Alkalinity and the Body’s pH

Alkalinity plays a huge part in an alkaline diet. But what does the term actually mean? Acids and alkalines stimulate varying chemical reactions, leading to a domino effect. The pH of our bodies, from that of our internal fluids to our organs, influences biochemical reactions and essential bodily functions, including digestion, hormone production, and energy conversion. Like with any chemical equation, balance is key to control.

On the pH scale, acids rank from one to 6.9, while alkalines have a pH greater than seven. A pH of seven is neutral. When your body is too acidic, alkalines can help increase the hydrogen concentration and return you to a more balanced pH level.

An increase in acidity in the body can throw off your body’s pH, affecting your natural functions and causing an array of issues. An imbalanced pH level that is acidotic—too acidic—can lead to:

An alkaline diet can rebalance your acidic pH levels and help resolve these ailments.

Alkaline-Approved Food

Alkaline-approved food consists mainly of plant-based items. Throughout the years, alkaline diets have come in many forms. At AlkaHerbs, our alkaline herbs and spices follow the basis of the African Bio-Mineral Balance. The approved foods in this diet feature alkaline foods rich in nutrients that can enhance your body and health. Many alkaline-approved foods detoxify and boost your immune system, aligning with the alkaline diet’s goal of a state of neutrality and optimal health.

Some of the most popular alkaline-approved foods include the following:

A wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, teas, spices, and herbs fall under the African Bio-Mineral Balance food list.

What To Avoid

Like most diets, the alkaline diet involves cutting back on certain foods. The main culprit? Acidic foods. Like alkaline foods, acidic foods come in an array of forms. In general, you want to avoid any foods not on the approved list.

Again, like most diets, the alkaline diet also goes beyond certain food selections. Allergy-friendly diets also include monitoring where your ingredients come from and if they are cross-contaminated. Plant-based diets can also extend into veganism, where you avoid any animal product or by-product in all aspects of your lifestyle, from clothes to makeup.

Here are some things you should consider avoiding on an alkaline diet:

Why Choose an Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet can benefit an array of people, especially those looking to improve their body holistically and detox. There are many pros and cons to holistic detoxes and cleanses. But the main appeal is that they can remove toxins and, like an alkaline diet’s goal, return you to your natural state—a balanced pH and maximized internal functions.

Aside from detoxing, other popular reasons people try an alkaline diet are to help lose weight and enhance different internal functions, including circulation and digestion. Alkaline herbs offer many health benefits, from higher energy levels to improved liver function.

Where To Start

Begin your journey with the alkaline diet by starting to incorporate different alkaline herbs and spices into your diet. Herbs and spices offer lots of versatility, allowing you to enjoy them as supplemental capsules, herbal teas, tinctures, salves, and syrups. You can even simply add alkaline herbs and spices to your dishes. You probably already have many alkaline-approved ingredients in the kitchen, like African bird pepper, making it a lot simpler to ease yourself into an alkaline diet.

Of course, whenever you try something new, you want to pick the best of the best. Just like you would buy the phone with the best specs, battery life, and durability, you want the best herbs and spices for maximum results on the Alkaline diet. At AlkaHerbs, our alkaline herbs and spices are wildcrafted—grown and harvested naturally in the wild in and around Honduras. With Honduras’s thriving ecosystems and the lack of human interference, our spices and herbs are potent, nutrient-rich, and the best for quality results on an alkaline diet. Our all-natural products guarantee you receive maximum benefits, making us a great place to start, continue, and maintain your alkaline diet journey.

Now that you know what the alkaline diet is, the next question is whether it is right for you. If you think it is, get your supply of alkaline-approved herbs, spices, and tea mixtures from AlkaHerbs. It’s time to get your body and health in top shape and back to its natural state with an alkaline diet.

What Is the Alkaline Diet and Is It Right for You?

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