How Cultures Have Used Sea Moss Over the Centuries

Sea moss is a natural herb from the ocean. Many cultures have used sea moss in myriad applications through the centuries, enhancing their lives with the abundant benefits this ocean herb offers. Discover how you can make the most of sea moss by taking a look at how cultures have used it over the centuries.

As a Food Source

Like seaweed, sea moss can be a tasty snack. Many peoples, such as the Irish and Celtic, have turned to the sea for food. During times of famine and food scarcity, sea moss served as a crucial source of sustenance. Sea moss has a slightly fishy taste, but despite this, it actually blends well in many dishes, making it a versatile ingredient.

As a Thickening Agent

One of the most popular uses of sea moss is as a thickening agent, which is essential for soups, sauces, and puddings. Sea moss is rich in carrageenan, a plant-based food additive and emulsifier that enhances thickness and natural preservation. Irish and Caribbean cultures sometimes used sea moss to fortify drinks.

As a Nutritional Supplement

Nutrients are essential life sources that come in myriad forms. For centuries, numerous cultures have used sea moss as a means to enrich their bodies with healthy vital nutrients. Sea moss offers 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs, including iodine, potassium, and iron as well as vitamins A and C.

Wild-crafted raw Sebian sea moss provides the most nutritional potency. Overprocessing and artificial cultivation methods compromise sea moss’s nutritional value, but raw sea moss grows organically in its natural habitat, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the ocean and retaining its maximum nutritional quality and potency.

In Beauty Serums

Sebian sea moss’s uses don’t stop at nutrition. On top of being a nutrient-rich source for the kitchen, sea moss is also great for hair care and skin care. Throughout the centuries, many European and Central American cultures have used sea moss as a scalp serum, skin moisturizer, and gentle exfoliator.

Cultures have used sea moss over the centuries in many ways. At AlkaHerbs, we offer Sebian sea moss—also known as wild-crafted raw Honduras sea moss—picked and shipped straight from the ocean. When you shop with us, you’ll get rich, highly nutritional sea moss and the maximum benefits many cultures have enjoyed throughout the centuries.

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